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TR Bulb

BY Tim Rundle
TR Bulb
TR Bulb
TR Bulb-Bulb-Tim Rundle-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
TR Bulb-Bulb-Tim Rundle-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
  • TR Bulb
  • TR Bulb
  • TR Bulb-Bulb-Tim Rundle-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
  • TR Bulb-Bulb-Tim Rundle-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

TR Bulb


TR Shiny Bulb

TR Matte Bulb

TR Shiny DtW Bulb

TR Matte DtW Bulb

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Designed for longevity, the TR Bulb uses LED technology, which, with normal use, should last many years. Easy installation in any E26 socket. The globe is constructed from white opal glass, and the core structure is made from aluminium to draw heat away from the LED, allowing the bulb to run at its optimum temperature.

The original TR bulb dims from low to bright at a fixed 2700 Kelvin color temperature. This means that the brightness begins at a low warm candle light color and can transition to a brighter warm color. The color temperature of the light is fixed, the only difference in illumination is the brightness. This bulb helps create a cozy and romantic environment for any occasion such as dinner parties, rainy stay-in evenings, or when its time to wind down and read a book.

The new Dim-To-Warm (DtW) TR Bulb turns on and brightens at 1800 Kelvin, then, once at full brightness, further "dimming" changes the color temperature from 1800 Kelvin to 2700 Kelvin. The color starts off as a very warm light and transitions to a colder soft white glow. At 1800-2000 Kelvin, the light is very warm, similar to that of a candle. This warm light is great for spaces where ambient illumination is welcomed such as dining rooms, restaurants, and cozy living spaces. From 2000 Kelvin to 2700 Kelvin, the light transitions from a warm to "cold" color temperature that still has a bit of yellow color in appearance. At 2700 Kelvin, the lighting is cold enough to use regularly at home in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or patio spaces.

Ø: 20 cm, Dimmable, LED

    Opal Glass

    E27 sockets

    Internal LED panel: 220V, 410 Lumens

    Regular TR Bulb: 6W, 2700K

    Dim-To-Warm (DtW) TR Bulb: 7.2W, 1800-2700K

Tim Rundle

Tim Rundle Studio is a London based industrial design practice working in the field of product design, as well as interiors and consultancy. The studio brings simplicity to the intersection of architecture and its inhabitants, improving the manufactured environment through elegant, technically-refined solutions.

Tim Rundle is an industrial designer whose eponymous studio specialises in furniture and lighting design as well as interiors, installations, and strategic consultancy. He creates prototypes with his 3D printer and other tools until he finds the exact solution he seeks. Looking to classic Danish designers like Poul Kjærholm as inspiration, Rundle makes highly technical ideas into simplified, useful forms. ‘A great product should look as good and work as well in the real world as it does in a photo shoot,’ he tells us. ‘It should positively but quietly add to the atmosphere of a real space without shouting for attention.’

Originally from New Zealand, prior to establishing his studio in 2015, Rundle graduated from the School of Architecture and Design at Victoria University of Wellington, going on to join Auckland-based Formworks Design, where he worked on the concept for Air New Zealand’s groundbreaking Skycouch™ and Spaceseat.

In 2008, Rundle relocated to London, first joining design consultancy PriestmanGoode, then working with renowned British designer Tom Dixon as head designer for the furniture and lighting design team. Prior to setting up his own studio in 2015, Rundle was Design Director at Conran and Partners, the multidisciplinary design studio founded by Sir Terence Conran. Today, in addition to running his studio, Rundle teaches at Platform 23 – Design for Manufacture at the prestigious Design Products Master’s programme at the Royal College of Art.

A preoccupation with simplicity, improvement and the pragmatic application of creativity; combined with a rigorous and knowledgable approach to the technical aspects of materials and manufacturing leads to results that are, at the same time, useful, engaging and relevant

TR Series

Combining form and function in a single, multi-functional object, the flexible design looks stylish in any setting and formation— an added benefit for its users, such as mobility and a selection of finishes, goes to the heart of MENU’s mission to produce timeless yet contemporary pieces that simplify and beautify any space.

Designed for MENU by Tim Rundle, the TR Bulb’s itinerant design moves seamlessly from space to space and room to room, installed by simply screwing it into pendant sockets.

Rundle never knows when inspiration will strike. “An idea will often form from simple observation or noticing a problem, and I’ll keep it at the back of my mind for some time before acting on it. Once I start though, my process involves a lot of hands-on making and prototyping to understand how an object affects a space”, he says. The inspiration for the TR Bulb came from the untethered way we live today; moving often, sometimes multiple times within a year. “I wanted to create high quality, technically sophisticated lamp that was, in essence, a light bulb”, Rundle explains.

This collaboration is designed to be installed with no electrical expertise required, the bulb requires nothing more than an E27 socket. This is a clear and clever solution for modern city living. The power of this series is not only in its flexibility; it uses LED technology, which, with normal use, provides security in longevity. The globe is constructed from white opal glass, and the core structure is made from aluminium to draw heat away from the LED, allowing the bulb to run at its optimum temperature.

The TR Bulb fits perfectly into both MENU’s and Tim Rundle’s aesthetic universe; Tim describes his work as “seeking to improve the manufactured environment through elegant, technically refined solutions”.

The dimmable and decorative glass bulb is now available with a dim to warm effect, transforming functional white light to cosy and ambient illumination. The corresponding series of lighting fixtures are available with the addition of brushed brass, powder-coated steel, and grey marble, available as a pendant light, table lamp, ceiling suspension frame, wall lamp and ceiling lamp together with the corresponding bulb.

With the help of Rundle, this series draws on serious classic principles and the current fascination with Scandinavian design. Rundle notes, “Scandinavian design resonates with a general feeling about what people want to surround themselves with in the form of understated elegance, simplicity and quality. "I think it’s a shame when Scandinavian design gets applied at a purely visual level when there is so much meaning behind the aesthetic. It would be great if people started to adopt some Scandinavian social values along with the aesthetic ones. MENU does a great job of being an outward-looking Nordic brand, working with an international roster of designers alongside the Danes, but keeping the core Danish design values at heart”.

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