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Danielle Siggerud

How would you describe your design style? I work very intuitively, with a sense of timelessness and sensitivity, without being marked by current trends. 

Walk us through the inspiration for the Androgyne Side Table. The Androgyne Side Table was originally developed as a café table we designed for the Menu Space Café, which needed a contemporary and versatile table. The intention was to create a simple silhouette, characterised by the pure use of material coupled with a clear, refined composition of one solid and one soft line. A balance of both masculine and feminine strengths. It’s androgynous: the symbol of a whole and the definition of original harmony in Greek mythology. 

How do you feel the table fits into the MENU design universe? MENU design universe is all about making beautiful objects for everyday use, and combining natural materials and elements with a simple, but refined design language. The Androgyne Side Table is adaptable, and the body comes in black or ivory, as well as with a marble tabletop option. 

What is your favourite aspect of the table? The visual language of the side table is a simple statement about its function and role, giving the table a timeless quality. It can stand as a complement to a modern, as well as an antique, timeworn furniture, object or place. Its height and size make it versatile, and can be used as a nightstand, sofa table, or side table. 

When you think of the Androgyne Side Table, in what kinds of spaces do you see it? I’ve always been attracted to contrasts; how different textures, materials or shapes collide as each fragment appears stronger as an individual yet becoming whole, together. Complete. I can imagine this table in a space from another century, full of ornaments. It could also be just about the contrast of indulgent textiles or natural wood in a contemporary home, arranged perfectly with the table’s refined steel composition. 

How should a person using the Androgyne Side Table feel? I hope they’ll notice how versatile it is and how it can be arranged with almost anything in an interior space. We hope it stands the test of time.

We spoke with Copenhagen-based designer and architect Danielle Siggerud about the inspiration and design process for the Androgyne Side Table, her first foray into product design. 

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