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Echasse Vase Family

Theresa Rand’s playful concept beautifully interprets the word “échasse”: French for “stilts”. The slender, stilt-like supporting legs delicately suspend the glass forms, creating a sense of lightness while ensuring stability. 

Its expression ethereal, its design elevated in every sense, the Échasse Series offers infinite possibilities for experimentation, as its test tube origins suggest.

The Échasse Series brings a minimalist silhouette with a distinguished, playful edge to modern and traditional spaces. Reimagining the classic elegance of familiar glass vessels and bowls, the series transforms these decorative essentials into space-defining works of art. Their expression ethereal, their design elevated in every sense, the Échasse vase, Échasse bowl, and Échasse hurricane invite infinite experimentation. They can be displayed alone or together to enliven modern spaces with equal parts daring and grace.

The first vase piece in the now-iconic series was inspired by laboratory test tubes. The drop-shaped form is as elegant when holding decor on a desk, living room floor, or nightstand as it is when left unfilled. The original colour gradients of the glass give the design depth and contrast against the legs’ clean lines.

The bowl— offers a modern, centrepiece-worthy take on the traditional serving bowl. Simple and purposeful, this is counter- and tabletop storage that is both modern and elegant

The hurricane piece completes the poetic trilogy of enchanting quality. The most recent addition to the family, the clever, orbital shape was designed as a sanctuary for tealight candles, preventing breezes from extinguishing these captivating, round drops of light. In this role, the Échasse Hurricane becomes the ultimate amplification of hygge.

By virtue of this series of inventive shapes, the designs invite us to explore, imagine and curate our own unique display for the way we live. Alone or together, filled with favourite flowers, fruits and objects or displayed alone as sculptural focal points, these pieces enliven modern spaces with equal parts daring and grace.

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